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Tips on how to make Zena's Gluten Free Yorkshire Wraps

Zena's Gluten Free Yorkshire Wrap

These wraps are a super fun way to include Yorkshire pudding in everyday meals, not just your Sunday roast. Many gluten free wraps break easily and don’t hold the contents inside. Yorkshire wraps are very pliable, and much more squishy and delicious than a flour tortilla...your gluten-eaters will be converted!

To make Yorkshire wraps, simply follow the instructions on the package of Zena’s Gluten-Free Yorkshire Pudding Mix...with ONE KEY ADJUSTMENT! Contrary to the traditional method of using room temp milk and eggs, you must keep your Yorkshire batter cold. Room temp batter allows the pudding to puff up and expand; cold batter will stay flat while cooking and render a nice tender wrap.

Pour your cold batter onto a parchment lined sheet pan, and spread around evenly with spatula. Each wrap should be about 10” in diameter, and will spread just marginally more in the oven, but ideally, you are putting just one wrap on each pan, to avoid them running into one another. One Zena’s mix will yield five or six 10-12” wraps.

Bake the wraps for 10 minutes at 425, then cool on parchment. They only need a few minutes to cool, before filling & eating! They are a great way to use up leftover salad, chicken or steak & work great for egg or tuna in your lunch.

Wraps store nicely for a few days on the counter, in a sealed bag or container. They also make a great addition to a tapas platter, rolled up like sushi with cream cheese, roasted veg & hot sauce!

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