Who's Zena


Simply put, Zena is the goodness of warmth and nourishment and happy bellies. Spawned of the love for two people struggling with very different health issues, the original Zena’s concept was a brick & mortar bakery founded by two besties on a quest to make gluten free baked goods from clean and nutritious ingredients. This proved no easy task, in a market filled with cheap ingredients and sub-par finished products. The bakery itself was a labour of love, and for almost a dozen years, a small niche community thrived, and love was all around, but the best option for a sustainable business was found in the dry mixes you find on this website today.
Making our gluten-free, non-gmo mixes in your home is the best way to maintain quality ingredients and accessible pricing. We want to provide these mixes, exact replicas of our bakery products, to you in a way that your family can enjoy freshly baked, unpreserved and unmodified goods in your home, and you can further control the ingredients to suit the needs of the most particular diet.


Sadly, our little bakery is no longer, but what remains is a commitment to providing these mixes, which are essentially a 12-year R&D project, yielding the best versions of our breads, cakes, muffins etc. This is not dieting food or fad food – this is food for people who want nourishment and calories to fuel their bodies for long term health, through health crises, and also to enjoy the indulgences of celebrations and special family events (have some cake, if it’s not going to hurt you!). Sharing food, especially inclusive food, is so special, and we continue to be honored to be a part of your celebrations and gatherings.
We are also here for you if you have struggles (it’s usually bread J), and we are happy to support with troubleshooting. Baking is science - your environment & oven can sometimes mean your process requires a little tweaking, but we’re here to help you get it right. It’s also no small perk when your home smells like fresh bread on a Saturday morning...


If you take on the task of baking at home, you will reap the benefits in so many ways, and at Zena’s we believe the journey of health always includes learning. Knowing how food is processed is an important step in ensuring we feed our families and ourselves clean fuel. Reading ingredients and understanding how have they have been treated up until arriving in your pantry matters. Our commitment to you, as it was in the bakery – we will never use ingredients we wouldn’t give to our own families, period. Our recipes are adapted from family recipes, using our balanced flour blend (the mighty ZAP), organic unrefined sugars, while avoiding as many allergens as possible. Our mixes are still crafted and packaged by hand, with extensive line testing on every batch. We hope you’ll feel good sharing our products with your friends and family, and we truly don’t mind if you take all the credit – we know you’ll create different breads and muffins than we have and have fun making them your own. Also, we LOVE when you share your creations with us! Tell us what you have come up so we can share with our community of food lovers.