Welcome to Zena's! We're so glad you've come!

We're a little wee bakery, located in the heart of downtown Maple Ridge, just east of Vancouver. We've been baking up the goods for almost five years now, as a dedicated gluten-free, nut-free facility, specializing also in egg-free, dairy-free and dabbling in sugar-free. We understand how allergies, intolerances, and simply food preferences can create challenges in the lives of yourself and those you love. We've been down this path in our own personal lives, and frankly, that's why we're here. Watching those you care about, suffering, or just going without, can be heart-wrenching. We've had the privilege of hearing the stories of our customers and friends, and the greater privilege of finding something delicious for almost every dietary profile. 

We are surrounded by staff and friends, on a never-slowing search to find what makes our bellies happy, what impacts our skin, our energy levels, our hormonal journeys, and general happiness. Food is long as it's the right food! We share ideas, trials and most certainly, triumphs. 

Another thing we understand here at Zena's, is the expenses involved in feeding your family well. The struggle is real! How can we all afford gluten-free, organic, non gmo? How do we decide where our priorities lie? Well, here at Zena's we think the answer to that is YOU. A few decades ago, most families made their bread, their baked goods, all their meals, right in their own kitchen. Of course, it's a busy life; it's not always realistic to operate a test kitchen at home, when a new dietary factor is thrown at us. The reason we developed these dry mixes, was to offer an alternative to the high retail cost of specialized items like those we make in the bakery. We want it to be easy to make delicious, fresh gluten-free baked goods, made with non GMO ingredients, vegan if you prefer, however you like it, in your own kitchen. That's how we have always controlled quality at Zena's...just a few ingredients, crafted without preservatives. We hope you find some things you like on this page; things you will adjust a little by adding your own flare...and go ahead, take the credit. It's #madebyyou when you add your own creativity & accoutrements, and when you're baking for the people you care about most, there's that extra ingredient....

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