zena's story

Zena is the Goddess of Gluten-Free. For real. Her mandate is to consistently produce 100% gluten-free, fresh-baked goods that taste delicious and are high in nutritive value.

By Greek definition, Zena is said to mean welcoming, hospitable and friendly one. In Latin and Persian, the meaning of Zena is said to be “Woman”.

Serendipitously, Zena’s owners Rebecca and Erin are women and were both given the middle name “Zena” at birth by their respective parents. Actually, they weren’t. But that sure would have been neat.

While gluten-free is Zena’s mandate, she can make pretty much anything to suit the taste and dietary requirements of the most discerning palate. Looking for dairy-free, egg-free or vegan options? Look no further – Zena’s offers many options to meet all of these requirements.