breads & pizza crusts

gluten free breads & pizza crust

All of Zena’s breads and pizza crusts are made with non-gmo gluten-free flours - sorghum, tapioca and quinoa . Common review of Zena's bread "OMG, this does not taste like gluten free bread!"

Breads, buns, bagels, baguettes, rustic & french loaves - we have something you'll love.

sandwich bread

Offered sliced every day, and best fresh, Zena’s bread will keep nicely for three days on the counter or store in the freezer to have gluten-free bread on hand every day.

feature breads

Available by order: cinnamon raisin, multigrain seed, quinoa flax, cranberry hemp, teff (Saturday only). All feature breads are vegan.


rustic breads

Available by order or pop in if you're feeling lucky. French, rosemary garlic, baguette, cheesy, or whatever we're feelin'.

keto options

Available by order on Saturdays, we have keto bread and keto pizza crusts. Both are packed with seeds, hemp protein and so much fiber.


Kaiserin buns and crusty rolls available every day. Hot dog buns are available in summer months or year round by order.

pizza crusts

Pizza crusts are available in 11” size or a four-pack of 5” personal size, available in our freezer every day.

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